Barbi and Terry Franklin


6-week video curriculum with discussion guide


God has given us the foundation for a healthy marriage, and there are elements within the art of music that reflect how our marriages should look.


Barbi and Terry Franklin are singer-songwriters from Nashville, Tennessee. For over 34 years, they have ministered through family worship and prayer events, and also through marriage retreats that have taken them all across the U.S. and 40 countries worldwide.



Love Sings: The Artistry of Marriageis a 6-week video curriculum hosted by recording artists Barbi and Terry Franklin. The curriculum draws parallels between music and marriage. Like a good song, a good marriage requires the right balance of melody, harmony and rhythm. Barbi and Terry share personal stories from decades of marriage and ministry, combining a strong biblical foundation with honesty and humor.


Session 1:Tuning Up Your Marriage
Session 2:The Lyrics of Love
Session 3:The Beauty of Blending
Session 4:Dynamics of the Heart
Session 5:Relaxing to the Rhythm
Session 6:When Our Song Comes Together


+ What led you to write this marriage curriculum?

+ How do you feel your experiences in your own marriage have helped you minister to other married couples?

+ What do you see as the biggest need within Christian marriages today?

+ What do you hope people take away from this curriculum?

+ What is a simple thing a couple can do to improve communication in their marriage?

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Terry & Barbi Franklin are two of the brightest artists that are presently conveying ministry across the nation. They are invited to the largest venues and churches in the nation, but the thing that I’m most grateful for is the genuineness of their lives in the Lord. Their faithfulness to ministry is a model of fidelity to stewarding LIFE, LOVE & GRACE… beautifully.
Dr. Jack Hayford , Founding Pastor, Church On The Way Chancellor, The King's College & Seminary Van Nuys, CA
Terry & Barbi’s main qualification is their commitment to maintaining a healthy marriage and raising two precious sons, Tyler and Travis. With that basis of integrity, they can go forth with authority to build up the physical as well as the spiritual family! It is our honor to recommend this couple and encourage you to make them a part of your ministry!
Steve & Annie Chapman , Nashville
What a blessing you and your family are! What a joy and privilege it is to labor together with you as we serve our Lord.
Kay Arthur , Precept Ministries Chattanooga, TN