Brett Butler

His years of major league baseball and his battle with cancer both spurred an autobiographical book called “Field of Hope” that chronicled his experiences. Brett was the recipient of the Lou Gehrig Award, Arete Award for Courage in Washington, DC, and the Branch Rickey Award in Colorado, all displaying his service to others throughout the years. He was also the recipient of the Dodgers’ True Value Roberto Clemente Man of the Year award for two consecutive seasons. The award is given annually to the one player on each team that exemplifies on-field excellence and off-field humanitarian qualities. Brett was the recipient of the Baseball Writers’ of New York You Gotta Have Heart award, given annually to the major leaguer who demonstrates determination and heart. He was also named recipient of the American Cancer Society Award given annually by the President and Vice-President in a ceremony at the White House.

Brett is one of only 26 players in Major League History to compile at least 500 stolen bases and 2000 hits for a career. He retired in 1997 with a lifetime batting average of .290. Brett presently enjoys speaking nationally to corporations, ministries, and churches.

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